July 20, 2019

As the owner and operator of The Finishing Shop, Norbert Visser will put his 25 years of experince to work for you and your furniture. Norbert has been apprenticed in the tradition of European Master Finishers, and his results would make them proud.

With comprehensive knowledge of both traditional and modern finishing techniques your furniture can not only be restored, but given an entirely new look. A host of finishing options await you that Norbert will explain in detail.

Norbert's facilities include a professional, fully-equipped workshop with a spray capabilities- all to give your furniture the optimal enviroment to achieve maximum results

The Finishing Shop services furniture stores, moving and insurance companies, designers and private clientele across Canada.



"Thanks to Norbert's sterling TLC, a long-neglected little folding table has been restored to its original elegance"

- Trillium Place Bed & Breakfast  

Phone: 705-351-1947      Email: mail@finishingshop.com

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